Wants vs. Needs

sol#SOL18 Day 25

You can’t always get what you want (3x’s), but if you try sometimes well you might just find…you get what you need. ~ The Rolling Stones

I’ve been writing lately about our new normal.  My husband lost his job last June. He was lucky enough to find another employer who was absolutely wonderful when Chuck was going through his heart surgery and recovery.  The problem is the salary is significantly lower than what Chuck has been making the past few years, and unemployment benefits have run out. I teach in a parochial school, so my salary is nothing to write home about compared to my public school counterparts.

I am certainly not complaining – on the contrary – this has been a learning experience. While some lessons are harder to learn than other, some lessons are more important than others.  We have been blessed with very generous family and friends who carried us financially when we could not carry ourselves.

Now we are re-evaluating our wants and needs.  There are lots of things we have taken for granted, but without disposable income, we can’t afford right now.


Things we need:
Good health
Health insurance
Vehicles and fuel

Things that are nice and we might want but not necessary:
Daily newspaper
Premium cable channels
Dinner out
Vacation trip
New car

This is just a quick glimpse of some of our wants and needs. The point is we are paying more attention and thinking twice or three times before we make a purchase. Do we really need it now? Is important to the quality of our lives?

What really gives us happiness in our lives?
Having our bills paid each month
Good results on our blood tests and doctor visits
Spending times with our kids and grandkids
Spending time with each other – laughing quite a bit
Spending times with friends and family

So what have I learned so far?  It is OK to want things, but you shouldn’t obsess over what you want.  You should be grateful for EVERYTHING you have in your life, and the rest will just fall into place. You should continue to try to be as generous as you can to those who have less than you. Take time to notice all the good things in your life that most days we take for granted – the sunrise, the kindness of friends, the smile of a stranger.  I may not have everything I want,but I definitely have everything I need.

5 thoughts on “Wants vs. Needs

  1. Well written and so true. As we get older we realize that so many of our wants are not near as important as our health, family, and time spent with each other. And you are embracing a new normal with a positive outlook. 🙂

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  2. I love this post. I don’t love your hardship. But what a good idea no matter what is going on in your life. Take the time to consider your wants and needs, and blessings. Thanks for sharing this.

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  3. I am sorry for your hardship. I absolutely LOVE your post. Today I am blessed and fortunate; my husband and I are able to meet all of our family’s needs and nearly all of our wants. However, over the years, we have made it a point to our children that ‘wants’ are most often not necessary. When my kids were little I did an experiment that was incredibly powerful . . . when they asked for a ‘want,’ I purchased it for them. Instead of the kids keeping the want for themselves, they chose a family to give it to. Nearly 8 years later, my kids are still giving away so many wants. During the spring break, I will have a conversation with each of my children and ask them all, “What really brings them happiness?” I can’t wait to hear their responses.

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    1. What a wonderful example you set for your children. Wants really are a matter of perspective. If I ask myself why I really want something I often don’t have a really good reason. Thank you for your response.


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