sol#SOL18 Day 24

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. ~ Benjamin Franklin

How early is too early to go to bed? Every night this week I have felt very tired. I am not sure if it was my fibromyalgia or the long days of standardized testing, but I have been ready to call it a night right after dinner.

Of course I can’t go to bed right after dinner! So I take my place on the couch and watch a little TV, maybe some Jeopardy or Access Hollywood or whatever my husband finally decides on after channel-surfing. Next thing you know it is 8:00. I can’t go to bed at 8:00! That is the bedtime of a toddler.

So I stay on the couch a little longer and it gets a little chilly, so I drape myself with one of the fleece blankets that makes it home on the ottoman. Big trouble! I get a little too comfortable and the next thing you know my head is bobbing and weaving until I succumb to my weariness.

For the next couple of hours I am either out cold, or I am in and out of sleep, but unable to rouse myself enough to make my way upstairs. The next thing I know it is 11:00, 12:00, or even 1:00 and I am climbing the stairs in a stupor. I make my way to the bathroom and then to bed. I set my alarm for 5:15 AM and wonder how I am evr going to get up at that hour.

If I am lucky I go right to sleep, but some nights I spend 30 minutes scrolling through social media before I close my eyes again. I wake up still feeling tired.

Next week I think I will just listen to my body and go to bed when I am tired. I’ll let you know how I make out.


11 thoughts on “Bedtime

  1. Yesterday night, after eating dinner and getting some exercise (about 7 PM), I was pooped. Our first night of break and I thought I should stay up. All I could think about was waking up in the morning and slowly drinking coffee. I thought it was too early to go to bed, too. Instead, I just fell asleep on the couch until 9:30, at which time I decided to give in. I say get to bed when you can!


  2. I declare 9:00 as an OK adult bedtime! I tell myself that I spent many years transporting children at night and then waiting up for them; therefore, there are many hours I need to make up!

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  3. I have the same thoughts as you when my body pushes me toward an early bedtime. It’s so much easier to go ahead with it in the winter when it’s dark by 6:00 than it is now. I especially liked the part where you wrote about being cozy under the blankets. I can totally relate!

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  4. I napped after school yesterday, went to bed early last night, napped this afternoon, and now I feel tired. Change of seasons? Fighting something? Let’s hope we both shake the overly-tired state!

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