sol#SOL18 Day 8

You can always find a distraction if you are looking for one. ~Tom Kite


I can become distracted so easily sometimes.  Like take this post for instance. I have been sitting at my laptop for at least 90 minutes without writing a word. So what got in the way….well let me tell you.

  1. I checked my email – all three accounts – a couple of times.
  2. I perused many other slices – convincing myself they were all better than any lame idea I was envisioning.
  3. Talked to my daughter on the phone.
  4. Checked Facebook and Twitter
  5. Tried to reset our set top box because some of the channels were not working
  6. Watched the episode of This Is Us that I luckily DVRed because I fell asleep while watching
  7. Rummaged through my Writer’s Notebook
  8. Channel surfed
  9. Tried to fix the sound on my laptop so I could be inspired by Spotify – fail!
  10. Kept going over the events of the day in my head.
  11. Thought about my weekend plans
  12. Responded to other slicers.

The list could go on.  Why am I so distracted?  Why can’t I stay in the moment? Any ideas out there?  

9 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. This sounds like me on a regular basis. You are not alone! I’ve been distracted by other people’s slices too (but I think that can be a good thing). Love how you included a list. It resonates with me. I’ve been a little “list-y” lately! Lists can spark those ideas too!

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  2. I think some of your “distractions” seem like very valid reasons to not be writing. I think the hard part — and I’ve been trying to do this BEFORE I get my laptop out — is to check in with my brain (hello? any ideas?) and ask myself “What wants to be written?” I just trying to take a measure of what my inner writer is actually interested in. And, as small as the topic may seem, that’s what I go for.

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  3. I hear you! Number 2 resonates the most with me (though I have also distracted myself with many of the other items in your list). It feels hard to live up to my ideals of how great a slice of life should be, and I find it hard to post imperfect writing. Thanks so much for articulating how challenging this is! (Even if your writing is lovely and what I aspire to.)

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