The Dichotomy of a Snow Day

sol #SOL18 Day 7             snow day


When it snows you have two choices:  shovel or make snow angels. ~ Anonymous

How can something so beautiful cause so much damage? I am home today because we have a snow day.  We are experiencing our second Nor’easter in a week and some consequences are obvious, some not so much. Snow days can either be a beauty or a beast.  What do you think?


  • Serene and picturesque settings
  • A surprise day off from school or work
  • Pajamas – the uniform of the day
  • Snooze alarms disengaged
  • Tea time
  • Snuggling in with a good book
  • An unexpected nap
  • Sledding
  • Building snowmen
  • Helpful neighbors


  • Power outages
  • Idiot drivers
  • Automobile accidents
  • Shoveling heart attacks
  • Wet boots, hats, and gloves
  • Higher heating bills
  • Cooped up with whining toddlers
  • Cabin fever
  • Over eating
  • Usually unproductive – “To Do” lists don’t get touched

How has your snow day been going – Beauty or the Beast?  Except for a little over eating and not much of anything getting done, my day is a Beauty. My neighbors are taking care of shoveling, and we have nowhere we have to be.  

I am going to force myself to do some grading  and then grab a cup of tea and a Hallmark movie. Bingo!

One thought on “The Dichotomy of a Snow Day

  1. I love this comparison to snow days being a beauty or a beast! What a great way to capture them. The wind where I am is starting to pick up now – I hope the Beast isn’t really coming now. So far my day has been a little beauty and a little beast. The beauty has been sipping tea by the fire, spending extra time with my daughter, making it to the gym before it got worse. The beast has been not getting report cards done (that untouched to do list) and the wind kicking up – fingers crossed the power stays. Hope you’re day is still a Beauty.

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