Thanks to…

sol #SOL17 Day 24

I saw this format on Tricia Ebarvia’s post last night and decided to try it myself.  I took a different twist and added the third line.  I want to thank some of the influencial teachers in my life, some of whom are now deceased but never forgotten.

A teacher affects eternity; s/he can never tell where his/her influence stops. ~Henry Adams

Thanks to Sister Rosathea, my elementary music teacher,
Who taught me the magic of music and putting on shows,
which started me on my way to becoming a music teacher.

Thanks to Mr. Rossi, my high school string bass teacher,
Who taught me not to make the same mistake twice,
which helped me land a place in the All-City Orchestra
and the chance to perform at the Academy of Music.

Thanks to Sister Claire Immaculate, one of my high school English teachers
Who taught me I could have a passion for both music and English,
Which led to publication in my HS Literary Magazine.

Thanks to Sister Regina Gormley, my college piano instructor,
Who taught me the value of stories and conversation,
Which carries over to my story-telling to my students today.

Thanks to Mary Buckelew, Director of PAWLP,
Who taught me to have confidence in myself as a writer,
Which found me in the Summer Institute and completing a graduate degree.

Thanks to all the students I have met over the years,
Who taught me that the little things really are appreciated,
Which keeps me grounded and focused on what is important.

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