sol#SOL17 Day 23

To thrive in life you need three bones, a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone. ~Reba McEntire

Well, I finally have a reason why I am starting to spontaneously combust — I have osteoporosis! I am not really surprised, after all, when you have a pelvic fracture without a fall suspicions start to arise.  Since we affectionately call my mom “the incredible shrinking woman,” I should have probably taken her advice more seriously over the years.  Take your calcium.

Seven years ago I had a bone density test and came out with flying colors.  Everything was great.  I guess that gave me a false sense of security.  Now I have taken my calcium on and off over the years, but the pills were just too big, and I had a difficult time swallowing them, and remembering to take them.  What really was my demise, I believe, were the years that I had an undiagnosed vitamin D deficiency.  I have since learned the multitude of benefits taking vitamin D.  This I take faithfully.

So, now I am on a road to change.  I am taking my Citracal gummies everyday.  I should have tried them years ago; they actually taste quite good. Next, I will be scrutinizing my diet and begin calculating the amount of calcium found in each morsel entering my mouth.  Once I finally get off the walker, I will have to start doing some weight-bearing exercise.  That will be tricky with my arthritic knees, but I have to find a way.

My advice to you is to stay vigilant and take care of yourself.  You only get one body and when it starts to break down it is no fun.  Who knows, maybe I still would have had this osteoporosis even if I had taken more calcium and vitamin D, but it’s never too late start putting me first and being the best this aging body can be.

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