What a Writer Needs

sol#SOL17 Day 19


All good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. ~Anne Lamott



What a Writer Needs
(is) Room to Write
(so make a) Small Change
(by looking through) A Different Mirror
(then) Escaping Into the Open
(riding the) Western Wind
(and) Crafting a Life
(that will make) Lasting Impressions

This book binding poem was inspired by another slicer.  I have read so many posts this weekend I forget which one I “borrowed” this idea from.  Thank you, whoever you are!






16 thoughts on “What a Writer Needs

  1. I have two of the books in your stack – Small Change and Lasting Impressions – and love both of them. I love the creative way your crafted your book spine poem. It’s lovely!

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  2. I really enjoyed your book spine poem. My favorites lines were “(so make a) Small Change
    (by looking through) A Different Mirror.” It was cool that you made this poem by changing your perspective and using a different lens to write.

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