cropped-rita-2017Hello!  My name is Rita DiCarne, and I teach 7th-grade English Language Arts at Our Lady of Mercy Regional Catholic School in Maple Glen, PA.

I spent most of my career teaching music K-8 where I encouraged my students to take a risk – sing in the school show, try a new instrument, or create a song.  I wanted them to experience firsthand the importance of music in their lives.  After all, in a STEM world, it is the arts that make us human!

In my ELA classes, too, I encourage my students to be risk takers when they are writing – write the unexpected, what they are interested in or passionate about, and let their voices be heard. I want them to know the power of the written word for themselves.

So in the spirit of fair play, I am finally taking my own advice and taking a risk.  I have been wanting to create a website and blog for quite a while now, but have been too nervous to take the plunge.  Well now is the time!

Outside of school, you will find me sharing life with my high school sweetheart – my husband of over 43 years.  He is my biggest supporter and cheerleader.  Together we cannot get enough of our two fabulous kids, their loving spouses, and four amazing grandchildren.  Life is good!

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