For the past eleven school years, I have been driving the same ten minute route every day to school. On this rainy Thursday morning I had a true lightbulb moment. It just dawned on me that the neighborhood I drive through five days a week has a method to its madness.

Here is a list of the streets that I pass, along with a few other connecting streets I found when I looked at Google Maps to confirm my suspicion.

  • Bell Lane
  • Franklin Lane
  • Wright Lane
  • Edison Drive
  • Ludwell Drive
  • Whitney Lane
  • Howe Lane
  • Fulton Drive
  • Blair Lane
  • Dillon Road
  • Purdie Lane
  • Shepard Drive

Do you see a theme here? Well, it took me eleven years to figure out that I was driving through a neighborhood whose streets were named after inventors! Duh! How did it take me so long?

4 thoughts on “Duh!

  1. We lived in that area and I drove through those streets for many years, transporting my brood and going to church. I never put it together, so that should make you feel better. Funny!

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