Lackadaisical or Lazy?

I really don’t like packing my lunch. My husband is a chef, and he cooks dinner every night. You would think I could handle assembling my lunch since I don’t ever have to think about cooking, but I am always procrastinating.

At the beginning of the school year, I was packing my lunch the night before. I had all the cold items neatly stacked in the refrigerator and the rest of them on the kitchen table ready to be placed in my lunch bag. Unfortunately, that only lasted a few weeks – maybe a month.

I use to enjoy taking leftovers to school for lunch when the teacher next door to me had a microwave. About a year ago, all microwaves were banned from classrooms because they interfered with the Wifi. The faculty room is at the opposite end of the building, so I stopped bringing leftovers because I had difficulty walking that far without my cane. Now that I have two new knees, I don’t have any excuses, yet I still don’t bring leftovers.

I tried packing for several days at once and stocking the mini-fridge in my classroom. I did that a couple of times, but that strategy didn’t last very long either. I could order lunch at school, but the cafeteria is three flights of steps each way, and I am not sure my shaky hands would make it back to my room without spilling something from the tray. Plus, there really isn’t any reason for me to spend money when I have plenty of food at home.

I do try to make a salad a few times a week, but lately, I have resorted to waking up in the morning and foraging through the fridge for whatever is the easiest to grab and go. Usually, that looks like yogurt or string cheese, some veggies, or a snack pack.

Am I alone in this predicament?

5 thoughts on “Lackadaisical or Lazy?

  1. No judgments from me. I think I am on the lazy side, myself. Some years ago, I started an intermittent-fasting regimen. I have a ravenous appetite, so I was surprised to find that skipping breakfast made me feel less hungry during the later hours of the morning. Soon, I started skipping lunch, too–under a physician’s consultation, of course. Now, I eat only dinner on weekdays, so I neither have to pack a lunch, nor buy one. And I walk the track or meditate during my lunch period.

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  2. I remember the days of having to pack my lunch! I don’t miss it! It was always the same struggle. I’m sure without the availability of a microwave, makes it that much harder! It was just an entree, soup or tuna fish.
    However, lunch hasn’t changed that much since I’m retired. After s while you get tired of the same old food. However, going out to lunch is a bonus! Looking forward to the days when we can go out to lunch together!!

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  3. I’ve always gone with what’s easiest for lunches and breakfast. I gave a protein shake for the morning and often a bagel for on the go lunch. I did used to add veggies or yogurt but I don’t always anymore.

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