Baseball Memories

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Today is one of my favorite days of the year – Opening Day! I learned the game of baseball by watching my dad coach my brothers’ Little League teams during a time when girls were not permitted to play organized sports. After the games, there would be talk about the games, and I listened. I was proud to know the rules of the game, the positions, and the plays. Those baseball memories started a love affair with baseball that continues today.

The crack
of the bat
brings me back

to the flagstone patio,
where we listened
to Phillies’ home games

on the transistor radio
broadcasted from
Connie Mack Stadium.

Richie Ashburn,
Byron Saam,
Harry Kalas,

their voices
were the voices
of a simpler time.

So many of my fondest memories are wrapped up in the sights and sounds of baseball. BASEBALL = LOVE


4 thoughts on “Baseball Memories

  1. Rita, yesterday my Reds lost, but it was a glorious day nonetheless! I saw a lot to be happy about with this year’s team, so we’ll see…

    It’s funny, but my childhood memories of the game are wrapped up in the voices of my team’s broadcasters as well. Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall were, in many ways, part of the squad.

    I did a quick search for your broadcasters, and found this little gem that I think you’ll enjoy more than I did {smile}.

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    1. Thanks, Tim. Watching this gave me goosebumps. How ironic that that last out was Pete Rose, and then he became such a big part of the Phillies. Here’s to a great season; may our teams meet in the post-season.


  2. Love Opening Day too! So many memories of a variety of Phillies seasons. The radio was so important in my childhood. Dad would turn it on and we enjoyed listening to every moment of a game. I learned so much too. Kids all collected baseball cards. Whether the kids traded cards or flipped them on the wall to win a card, it occupied a lot of play time for kids in the neighborhood.
    When I got my own transistor radio at E. J. Korvette, it opened the door to listening to the West Coast games until I fell asleep. The wonderful play by play announcers from the past that you mentioned were able to describe every morsel of the game. Miss their voices.
    Do you remember Bill Campbell? He did great post game recaps.
    We were pretty lucky Rita to experience these wonderful days of childhood and bonding with our fathers.
    Today’s game was fantastic!
    Play Ball, 2021….I need some crab fries 😜⚾️

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    1. I remember my older brother collecting baseball cards and playing flip. Sometimes we played it against a door in the house just for fun.
      I do remember Bill Campbell. We were very lucky, Judy. ⚾️❤️⚾️


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