Creature of Habit

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely a creature of habit. Take my commute to and from school each day and my choice of radio stations. On the way to school I listen to WRTI 90.1 which plays Classical music by day and Jazz music by night. My commute is accompanied by a mix of Renaissance, Baroque, Classical tunes with gentle commentary by the host.

In the afternoon, my station of choice is WHYY 90.9 which airs NPR (National Public Radio). Depending on the time I leave school, I either listen to Fresh Air hosted by Terry Gross or All Things Considered. These programs help me catch up on what is new and interesting. When I’ve had a rough day, or if I am out running occasional errands I turn up B101 which plays 80s and beyond – oldies by today’s standards!

After noticing my radio choices I began taking a look at the rest of my day and started noticing many of my other habitual behaviors. From my morning routine of showering, dressing, and eating breakfast to what I do as soon as I walk in the door after school, my life is a series of movements which do not require that much thought. I think it has gotten more pronounced since COVID.

This week I think I will try and change things up a bit. I don’t know how successful I will be, but I can’t change if I don’t try. Are you a creature of habit?

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7 thoughts on “Creature of Habit

  1. Yes, I’m a creature of habits and routines too, and I take such pleasure and joy in my little routines. I feel like routines give my life much-needed structure; they’re the foundation I need to be able to be creative and take risks in the classroom and in life. I enjoyed reading about some of yours!

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  2. Rita, many of us are creatures of habit, aren’t we? The reality of the last year (year!?) hasn’t helped much, either. I had to smile when you called 80s music “oldies.” Recently I had a student refer to 80s music as “from back in the 1900s.” That stung just a bit…

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  3. Oh, Rita. I feel like being a creature of habit goes right along with being a teacher. I loved your post and could relate well to it. Even in retirement, I get up at the same time, eat the same breakfast, do the same chores…you get the idea. I even still do a “Plan Book”, which is what I call my day planner. Old habits die hard, but I feel like my constancy brings me peace and helps me to be productive.

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  4. Yes, changing things up will cause you to be more alert and aware. You could take a different route to school one morning or park in a different spot but just be careful to remember where you put your car. Best wishes on changing up your routine.

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  5. Yes! I’m a creature of habit. Of routines. I read once that changing routines fires new synopsis in the brain. Even something as simple as putting the left sock on first if you normally put the right one on first.

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  6. It’s beginning to feel a bit like Groundhog Day, isn’t it! When I stop to think about it, despite this being a most unusual year, I have embraced the old habits more than ever. Let us know how you enjoy mixing things up!

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