Searching for WONDER

These past few weeks have been difficult in the US, and I found myself too wrapped up in the national and local news – the doom and gloom. So in the name of self – preservation I reminded myself to be on the lookout for WONDER – my OLW for January.

On Sunday, my daughter stopped by with my two grandsons for a socially distanced visit to exchange some things we had for each other. When Nolan, age 3, came up the driveway, he searched the blacktop and asked, “Nona, where’s the worm?” You see, the last time he was at our house (several weeks ago) it was after a particularly rainy stretch, and we spent several minutes watching a rather large worm make its way from the lawn, across the driveway, and into the flowerbed. Nolan expected to see that worm again in the same place. Lesson: look with WONDER at the innocent expectations of a child.

Last week we celebrated my grandson Parker’s 7th birthday via Facetime. My daughter made Parker a layer cake that “exploded” with Reese’s Pieces when she cut the first piece. Parker exclaimed, “Mom, you did this for me?!” Lesson: look with WONDER at loving gestures.

Of course, I can’t forget the lessons I learned from my granddaughters, Emma and Isabella (Izzy). My daughter-in-law posted on Instagram a short video of Emma (almost 7) and Izzy (4) commanding Alexa to fart! It was entitled – “Apparently Alexa can do different kinds of farts….Something I wish I never knew!” I couldn’t help but get caught up in the roar of laughter coming from the girls. Lesson: look for WONDER in the unabashed giggles of children.

There is WONDER all around us in the ordinary people, places, and things we passby, overlook, or take for granted each day. Where have you found WONDER this week?

6 thoughts on “Searching for WONDER

  1. Rita, I love your post. You’ve hit on and shared what we can all tune into in the world to make us feel better – that sense of wonder or awe! It is truly remarkable if we take the time to notice those things (like worms and farts from a machine) that make us marvel at the world! I used to do a unit with my students on worms—-most kids find them very fascinating – just like your Nolan (love the name) did! Thanks for sharing! May you find wonder in each day this week!

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  2. Loved your post 🙂 We are lucky indeed if we find wonder all around us. Those small seemingly insignificant details that make life precious. A few days ago I saw a beautiful little bird outside our kitchen window. I was able to take photos. Later I learnt that it is Indian Pitta. Regards

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