Tooth Troubles


For about a month my lower right back tooth was starting to be sensitive to cold. I couldn’t tell if it was the last of my wisdom teeth or the crown next to it that was actually giving me trouble. I made an appointment with the dentist and low and behold, the wisdom tooth had a rather large cavity and need to be pulled.

The first of my wisdom teeth were pulled in my dentist’s office when I was in my 20’s – easy peasy. The third one was about five years ago in my current dentist’s office. It was not pleasant, and I swore I would never get another tooth pulled unless I went to an oral surgeon and was knocked out cold!

Well, I guess time has a way of making you forget about things. How bad could it be? AWFUL!!! I took the dentist at least 45 minutes to get the tooth out of my mouth. He drilled; he yanked; he had to get another instrument. I could hear the breaking of the tooth, the whirring of the drill, and the instruments scraping along the tooth without getting a good grip. Needless to say, I felt quite beaten up.

I managed some scrambled eggs for dinner and a call to get a sub for Tuesday, and then I settled into the recliner for the night. That’s where I stayed all day Tuesday. Returning to school on Wednesday, I thought everything would gradually begin to feel better. Not the case.

Each day things got worse. By the weekend I was cancelling plans and counting the hours until I could call the dentist on Monday morning. Long story shortish- I have dry socket. It is very painful. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I have to see the dentist every day until it heals. I will spare you the gory details.

I researched and less than 1-5% of people who get teeth extracted end up with dry socket. Lucky me! Maybe I should head to Vegas!

Moral of the story: Get your wisdom teeth taken out when you are young!

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