Changing Expectations

Whatever should have been or could have been, doesn’t matter. This moment is here and now for you to live.

Ralph Marston

The Christmas decorations should have come down from the attic on Thanksgiving or at least that weekend, but they came down two weeks later.

The house should have been decorated that weekend, but some boxes sit unopened.

The tree went up a week ago and should be decorated, but it remains with just colored lights.

The stockings should be hung on the railing with care, but they are still piled neatly on the table.

The shopping should have been completed earlier, but the 24th will have to do.

I should have been as busy as one of Santa’s elves baking chocolate chip cookies, but I am down for the count with a nasty cold – hacking cough and missing voice.


What is is this…

  • Although it took us a little longer than before, my husband and I were able to get the outside lights and nativity scene up.
  • We were able to go to our granddaughters’ Christmas show.
  • We proudly watched our son conduct his high school instrumental students at their Holiday Concert.
  • I was the beneficiary of generous gifts from siblings, principal, colleagues, and students.
  • We attended our grandson’s Christmas Pageant
  • My “mostly new member” chime choir successfully debuted at the school tableau.
  • I began a 16 day Christmas break.
  • I made a chocolate “gingerbread” house with my granddaughters.
  • My husband made me delicious vegetable soup.
  • The Eagles beat the Cowboys!
  • I spent a day with my grandson and experienced his never ending imagination.
  • My daughter surprised me with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

It is true; the pile of gifts to be given are smaller because money has been tight, but they are wrapped and ready to go. Christmas may not be happening the way I envisioned it a month ago. It certainly isn’t going to look like one of my beloved Hallmark Movies, but the sentiment will be the same.

Tonight and tomorrow we will travel to different homes, sit around tables, share meals, and eat too much. We will see family that we have seen recently, and those we haven’t seen for a while. We will laugh and tell stories that have probably been told time and time again.

When we finally put our heads to our pillows on Christmas night, it won’t matter what should have been – only what was.

Whatever holiday you are celebrating, I hope you enjoy what is and not worry about what should have been. Enjoy the small moments with the ones you love, let them gift you with their love, and be in the here and now.

4 thoughts on “Changing Expectations

  1. Loved this post! Wonderful reminder to live in the moment and be grateful for what is, not what we imagine it should be. I’m going to make my own list of all of the good I’ve experienced this season. Merry Christmas 🎁

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