“Trust the timing of your life.” ~ Unknown

I have been thinking about timing a great deal lately. Some people are always in the right place at the right time. When that happens to me I think it is a miracle because I am usually operating like a gerbil on a wheel most days.

Take my morning drive to work for example. I live about a 10 minute drive from school. I try to leave around the same time each morning, but some days getting up and going is harder than others for a variety of reasons. If I leave by 6:55 I can usually cruise along, but if I leave at 6:59 the ride is longer.

First there is the bus stop at the edge of my development. The bus to the high school stops at 7:00, and the students saunter their way to the steps and slowly board the bus. Then there are the stragglers who are in no hurry at all. They meander down the street to the awaiting bus and slowly enter. Next, I have to manuever my way between the parked SUVs that have been warmly housing the sleepy teens. If I am first to the stop sign the friendly bus driver might wave me to turn after the red lights stop flashing and the safety arm retracts. If not, then I may have to wait until the line of traffic behind the bus makes its way through the intersection.

Once I am out of the development, I go a short distance and turn onto a beautiful winding road that is a small piece of heaven. It is idyllic and tranquil, that is until I spy in my peripheral vision a deer or an occassional steer that gets loose (I stopped and called the local police that day).

When I get to the end of that road, it is a right and then a quick left. Only on the mornings I leave the house a little later, the right turn happens only after 20-30 cars go by. I know the car behind me must want me to jump in at any opportunity I get, but they don’t know that I have that quick left to make, and I don’t want to be rear-ended!

There is only on traffic light between home and school, and most days I get the red. I am not sure if this is an actual fact, or just a fact in my head, but when I am sitting at that red light not one car passes through the intersection in either direction until their light is yellow. I guess their timing is not much better than mine!

Two more turns, and I will be safely at school where I know my timing is always right because when I get to the parking lot my handicap space is there waiting to greet me.

10 thoughts on “Timing

  1. You are so right about timing! My husband will leave 10 minutes earlier even if he has to wait 20 on the other end because if he doesn’t he will be late for the appointment. And I am so aware of timing with my airport departures so I get shorter lines and can relax before boarding a flight.


  2. My morning drive is 40 minutes because I choose a more tranquil route along the Delaware/Raritan Canal in New Jersey. Of course, some hurried commuters have learned that my route can also be a shortcut to one of our major Interstate highways, so sometimes they spoil it. My drive to school is one experience at 6:10, quite another at 6:40.

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  3. I love your description, Rita. The teens slowly making their way to the bus; the cars impatiently waiting for you to make your left; the possibility of a deer or steer! making its way in front of you. It always seems to me that when I’m behind time, I hit every.single.light. You only have a single light. I’ll bet it really does turn red just as you approach. You made me smile today.


  4. You were able to stretch your 10 minute ride is such good detail. I understand what a difference the timing of leaving the house in the morning means .

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