Forever Young


May your heart always be joyful – may your song always be sung – and may you stay – may you stay forever young. ~ Bob Dylan

Posting late tonight because we  out celebrating the 60th birthday of a high school friend.  He has a band with his two sons and a nephew along with a friend of the boys. They played songs that had special meanings to various people in the crowd.  People were clapping, tapping, and singing along.

It was fun to see “kids” from the neighborhood that we hadn’t seen in years.  Though some hair is gray, and the years have taken their toll on many of us in different ways, everyone was talking and laughing as if we had seen each other just yesterday.  As always the talk turns to stories of our youth.

I looked around and wondered how we got to this age – closer to retirement – talking grandkids – moving a little slower. Each time the music started I felt like I was back in my 20s or 30s.  My mind is young, my body not so much.  I guess that is the power of music – the ability to take you back in time.

My youthful feelings were short-lived when I realized we were tired and leaving to go home at 10:00.  As we were walking to our car, couples were walking towards the tavern.  That was a reality check for sure!

Being forever young is not a body thing; it is a heart and soul thing.

May you stay forever young.



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