The ABCs of Spring


No winter lasts forever: no spring skips it turn. ~Hal Borland

Living in Pennsylvania you have to be ready for any kind of weather.  One day you can have snow; the next it is sunny and 60 degrees.  I wrote this tonight with the help of my daughter as we had a phone conversation commiserating about the falling snow and wishfully talking about warmer weather.  So far, just a two hour delay for tomorrow, but I am guessing that could change.

A walk in the park

Birds chirping

Cool breeze through the front windows

Dinner on the deck


Free Rita’s Water Ice

Green grass


Insects emerging

Jumping in puddles

Kicking off outdoor activities

Lily of the Valley

Mother’s Day

Nests in the trees

Opening Day of Baseball

Paying Uncle Sam

Quacking ducks

Rainy days

Shedding of layer

Tulips popping up



Waiting for the school year to end

X-tra daylight

Young seedlings


8 thoughts on “The ABCs of Spring

  1. New York City has already canceled school tomorrow, and the rain has turned to snow by 9 p.m. I love your ABCs poem, especially Opening Day of Baseball (it’s been known to snow on that day, too!). That’s a great prompt for days when it seems nothing’s happened.

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  2. Oh, you gave me Spring Fever!! We’ve got snow here in Indiana, but thankfully not enough to affect tomorrow. I enjoyed reading your poem and thinking about what I’m looking forward, too! 😉

    My favorite: Zinnias–brings back wonderful memories from my childhood. 🙂

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  3. I like how you anticipate the things to come this spring- I do wonder what “Free Rita’s Water Ice” means? And I know many of us are “Waiting for the school year to end”.


    1. Rita’s Water Ice is a local franchise in the Philadelphia area and each year on the first day of spring they give out free cups of water ice. Long lines but worth it.


  4. this was a fun post! I may have to try it some time with a piece of writing 🙂 so far our school has made no call yet (Maine), but I’m hoping for at least a delay– i’d love a snow day 🙂


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