Happy Half Birthday

sol#SOL18 Day 22

The best is yet to be. ~ Robert Browning

Today is six months since my husband’s life-saving quadruple bypass surgery. It is hard to believe. Somedays it feels like it was yesterday, and on other days it seems like it was a lifetime ago.

Life as we knew it has definitely changed, and we are getting use to a new normal. We’ve had to learn how to accept help from other people, and that isn’t always easy, but it is always welcomed. This last Nor’easter was proof of that. A team of neighbors took turns shoveling our driveway and walkways. (My hip is still not up to shoveling)

We’ve had to cut back on things because money is tight, but those are only “things.” We have what we need, each other. We have gotten through many ups and downs over the years, and we will weather this challenge too.

I told Chuck that he would now have two birthdays each year. His own in May, and the new one he received on September 22nd. So “Happy Half Birthday” Babe.


3 thoughts on “Happy Half Birthday

  1. Lovely post. Makes me appreciate my life and my partner’s life, too.
    Good advice about accepting help- it binds us together- its good for those helping you, too.
    I know recovery from such a thing is long, physically, emotionally, financially. Time is a healer, yes? Best to you both.


  2. Your husband’s second birthday is the same as my son’s real one. Therefore, I will think of you and him — and the life-saving procedure he received — when my son turns two. 🙂

    Good for you for accepting help. I think, so often, people don’t want to take the help from others. However, as someone who has been on both ends — the giving and the taking — I know how much people want to give so accepting it is the right thing to do (even when it feels like it isn’t).

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