Thank You, Colleagues

sol#SOL18 Day 10

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be grateful. ~

Dear Colleagues,

I love teaching.  I love teaching 7th grade ELA and Religion.  I love Middle School. I love teaching at OLM.

Each and every one of you is part of the reason why I love all of these things. Teaching is a challenging profession as each of you know.  We all have our good days and our “not so good” days. Yet even on my worst day, I cannot imagine doing anything else or being anywhere else than right where I am.  

This year has brought me several challenges as you know.  They were pretty big challenges and they had the potential of knocking me to the mat and being counted out.  Yet I am still standing because each of you has helped me in some way great or small.

So, thank you.

  • For taking my duty on days I was in pain
  • For picking up my students in the cafeteria so I don’t have to do the three flights of stairs
  • For covering my classes when I had to go to a doctor’s appointment
  • For the generous financial gift that helped to tide us over while Chuck was recovering from his heart surgery
  • For offering to carry my bags
  • For giving me a shoulder to cry on when the pain is so bad I can’t hold back the tears
  • For giving words of encouragement
  • For asking how I am feeling or how Chuck is doing
  • For sharing in my joys
  • For keeping me in your prayers
  • For the professional conversation revolving around students and strategies
  • For your advice when I ask for it (and when I don’t)
  • For bringing me lunch
  • For listening
  • For smiles
  • For all the other countless gifts you have given me

Some of you I have known for many, many years.  Some of you for only a short time. I feel like I have known you all for a lifetime.  You are open and caring, kind and compassionate, selfless and merciful. I am honored to call you colleagues.  I am blessed to call you friends.

**Those of you who read my blog, please share with others in the building…..

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