I Will Not Give Up

sol#SOL17 Day 21

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.  ~Thomas Edison

This slice comes from an app I have on my phone called Transform Your Life.  Each day there is a quote (and for those of you have been to my blog, you know I am all about the quotes!) and beneath that is an assignment for your journal.  This is today’s quote and assignment.

Today I am making a list of things that I will not give up on even though I am not too sure how close to success I am in each area!  These are in no particular order.

  1. I will not give up on having good health.  Even though I am still using the walker and am not sure what is going on exactly, 58 is too young to be old and decrepit. I want to be a grandmother who can actually do things with her grandchildren.
  2. I will not give up on losing weight.  This is a battle I have won and lost numerous times over the years.  I need to look at one meal at a time, one day at a time and not sabotage myself.  It is about feeling good and be healthy, not about a size or a number.
  3. I will not give up on publishing a picture book.  I have a couple of ideas that are in the works.  I just need to go ahead and submit them.  Stop being afraid of rejection!
  4. I will not give up on any of my students.  Some days are a challenge. Some students are a challenge, but each of them is worth the extra effort it might take to help them discover their gift – their voice.
  5. I will not give up on trying to make a difference.  I may only be one person, but my actions can be examples for others.  I always want them to be examples of goodness, and kindness, and compassion.
  6. I will not give up on being the best version of myself, whatever that looks like.

9 thoughts on “I Will Not Give Up

  1. This is wonderful! I love the idea that we may be closer than we think to achieving our goals. Or, to be successful, maybe we need to really examine our goal as you did with weight loss. I will look for this App. Thanks for sharing, and good luck!

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  2. I love Edison! And I love the ring of truth and determination in your words on the things you won’t give up on. The last one is my favorite – I won’t give up on that for myself, either. Thanks for this uplifting piece.

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  3. These are all very worthy goals – I say that with assurance because they ALL apply to me. Every.Single.One. You have worded them so well – what you want to accomplish and the reasons why. Good luck as you have success with each of them! As Thomas Edison said, I am sure you are closer to accomplishing each of them than you think. Glad I found your blog. Beautiful picture at the top, and I like that you have included a page for favorite quotes.

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  4. Rita, these are all worthy goals. I hope to hear more about your work at the writer’s group at PAWLP before Continuity this April. I’m also very interested in the app and will place it on my phone. I love quotes and like to write off them. I often encouraged teachers to place a quote a day somewhere in the classroom for students to think about and possibly respond in their writer’s notebook as a choice. You do make a difference, Rita, and I know you won’t give up on any of these goals!

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