Grading Overload

sol #SOL17 Day 9

“In the best classrooms, grades are only one of many types of feedback provided to students.” ~Douglas B. Reeves

It is the end of the trimester; grades close tomorrow.  I have been a grading machine for the past week.  Just when I thought I was all caught up, I realized that I was missing a few grades for a couple of students.  Ughh!!

First, there is the student who was absent for a week and is in the process of making up missed tests.  OK, she only has one more to take tomorrow.

Next, there are the students who missed a test; took it when they returned to school, and the test is nowhere to be found! Grrr….lucky I recorded the grades on the grading sheet….still can’t find the tests.

Lastly, is the one that got away.  I worked my way through 46 multi-genre projects only to find that number 47 was missing – never turned on February 23rd with the rest of the papers.  But did he say he hadn’t turned it in?!? No, that would make it too easy for me.  I KNOW I told the class that if they weren’t putting their project in the pile they should see me.  So much for following directions.

All I have left to do tomorrow is grade three late tests and complete personal & social growth, and effort & study skills – oh and all the skill checks in ELA.  I am going to try and go in early (if the snow doesn’t slow me down) and work.  I will work through lunch and after school if I have too, but I am NOT going to be grading at home this weekend!  I want a weekend off!


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