You Don’t Know Me

When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.
― Earl Nightingale

You don’t know me.
You may think you do,
but all you know
is what you see…the facade.

I am serious.
I don’t joke around much.
I don’t really know how.
That doesn’t mean I am unhappy, or sad.
It means I think; I ponder; I wonder.

I am not like you. That’s ok.
I only need to be who I am,
not who you expect me to be.

I worry about those I love,
those around me,
those I don’t even know.
I feel deeply, love deeply, hurt deeply.
That is who I am.

I would rather cry
than not be able to shed a tear.
You don’t know my story
or the burdens I carry.

You only know small details
that may leak out…
out of order…
out of context.
You don’t know me.

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