What Time is It?


#SOL16 Day 8

The way we spend our time defines who we are. ~Jonathan Estrin


Am I up? Am I down? How’d I get so turned around?

Writing plans, grading papers – watching out for middle school capers.

How much time is in a day? Not enough most teachers would say.

Recess duty, faculty meeting, Lots of directions that need repeating.

Marking period near the end, get the grades in, then hit send

Today is Wednesday or maybe not. It’s only Tuesday…I just forgot.

It is a hectic, crazy existence, but I am sure I can go the distance

After all, I’m no fool, where else would I be if I weren’t in school?

You never know how many you reach, that is why I choose to TEACH.


4 thoughts on “What Time is It?

  1. Your short, choppy phrases definitely gave me a sense of frenzy. Your frenzy gives you a feeling of satisfaction, though, too. After all….where else would any of us in education want to be? Reading this helped me put my day in perspective. Thanks!

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