Sisters-in-law by chance. Friends by choice. ~ Anonymous

Through the love of two brothers
Our lives intertwined.

We were kindred spirits.

Making our way through uncharted lands –
as young wives,
as young mothers,
as new friends.

We shared a love –
of music,
of family gatherings,
of laughter,
a birthday month,
a last name,
and secrets.

Seasons changed, and so did we.

We became –
middle-aged women –
a little rounder,
a little softer,
and certainly a little wiser.

We always thought
we would grow old together.

Not to be!

Cancer changed our plan.

Now you’re gone, leaving me behind.
To make my way again through –
and unfamiliar lands.
The tears come at unexpected times –
first like torrential downpours,
now as soft gentle rains,
washing over me.

Yet, I know you are still with me
In everything that was you.

You are in the –
songs of Broadway,
pipe organ music,
handbell choirs,
shopping trips to Kohl’s,
chocolate Jennies,
and “Oy.”

You are –
in warm sandy beaches,
watermelon baskets,
the backyard gilder.
in slot machines,
Autumn afternoons,
and laughing till we ink.

You are still here now –
in the lives sprung forth from you,
in all the lives you touched,
in their songs,
in their words,
in their eyes,
and in our hearts.

So when I think of you
it will be with a smile.

Remembering how thankful I am
that you were a part of my life
and that I had the privilege
of sharing yours.

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