Bonding Over Ben


Day 2 #SOL16

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. ~ Benjamin Franklin


It is 4:13 PM, and I am still circling the office park looking for the correct building. I have a 4:15 appointment with a new allergist, and I am feeling just a little stressed.  I find Building M, zip into a parking space, and power-walk  to the office door.  The receptionist greets me with a clipboard and a request to see the usual – my photo id, insurance card, and payment.  I sit down to complete the papers before me, and I am distracted by voices coming from a loft office, CNN on the TV, and the doctor and nurses moving in and out of the room.  I am not sure how I am feeling about this new office and new doctor.

After a few minutes the doctor calls me back to his office to discuss my current ailment and take my medical history. As I answer his questions, my eyes scan the massive desk before me.  I am drawn to a book of quotes by Benjamin Franklin that sits atop a pile of medical magazines.  It is the same book of quotes by BF that I own! (As you read more of my blog entires you will see that I LOVE quotes!)  Well, if this doctor has such wonderful taste in reading material, he must be good, I thought.

My visit continues in an examining room. Once all the necessities are completed, I am again find myself in the doctor’s office to discuss the next steps and a plan of action.  While waiting for him to return, I notice something that I hadn’t noticed before.  There on his wall were many of the Franklin quotes written and illustrated by a child. Now I am totally convinced that this is the perfect doc for me.  How can I go wrong with someone who obviously values quotable words and the works of children?

5 thoughts on “Bonding Over Ben

  1. Writing in the present tense really put me in the moment, Rita. I am always nervous about getting to my appointment on time, but most of the time I have to wait anyway. Good luck with the new doctor!

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  2. I’m reading your post between sneezes (allergies) and thinking what a cool decor (quotes) for a doctor’s office. I went back in my mind to see my doctor’s office and all I can see are large pictures of butterflies. Not sure of the significance. But one who supports a love of the language and kid’s work, it’s a win-win!!

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  3. Great slice. I love quotes as well, and I have them stuck to the walls throughout my sixth grade classroom.

    I love how you make the point that when meeting someone new (even a new doctor), seeing a book you both have in common can put you at ease. I do the same with books in common and with musical tastes, too.

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  4. I enjoyed your doctor’s visit. Doesn’t that sound odd? I can relate, going to doctors, especially a new one poses many questions of trust, faith and your comfort zone. I still recall the art work in my children’s pediatrician’s office. They were comical but posed questions just looking at them. They engaged the child immediately; it was friendly but you had to ask about it, thus letting the child start the conversation.
    I love quotes too.

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