The Last Day

Every year that I complete the SOLSC I am amazed.

  • Amazed that has provided this opportunity for so many years
  • Amazed that I wrote every day for 31 days
  • Amazed at the variety of writers who participate in this challenge from near and far
  • Amazed at how much I learn from other slicers
  • Amazed at how much in common I have with other slicers

Every year when I get to this day I make a promise to myself that I will post weekly on SOLSC, and I usually fall short. This year I am not making any promises. This year I will be hopeful.

  • Hopeful that I will continue to notice the small things
  • Hopeful that I will see some of the challenge participants on Tuesdays
  • Hopeful that I can carve out time to write each day

Thank you to for this wonderful platform and to all of you who read my posts, and liked or commented on them. I truly appreciate it.

Until next time…

6 thoughts on “The Last Day

  1. Rita, I enjoyed so many of your slices over the last month. I, too, am hopeful that I will keep going with this. It’s a wonderful way to connect and to continue writing.

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  2. Dear Rita,
    Thank you! I enjoy your posts and the variety of subjects. Look forward to the next round.
    Rest easy in your recovery. ❤️
    XX Juju


  3. I too hope to keep writing on Tuesdays – but frankly it is easier to write when I write every day…sigh…
    See you sooner or later!

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  4. Hopeful sounds just right. I often have the intention to continue slicing on Tuesdays, and then the first or second Tuesday after the slice, I forget–and then somehow forgetting once means I’m off the hook for slicing again until March! But perhaps this year? I am also hopeful that I can carve out time to write each day, even if I don’t blog at all. Isn’t it amazing that we completed another year of the challenge?

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