I sat in the recliner after dinner to watch just 30 minutes of TV before going upstairs to write. It was 7:00, and the whole evening was ahead of me.

Here I am at 11:00 just opening my eyes and writing my post. Oops…an unexpected nap before bed.

Some people would now have a sleepless night, but not me. I am going up to bed and will be asleep before my head hits the pillow. 🥱😴😂

10 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. I get that feeling. You’re so tired, you just can’t stay awake! I hope you had the sleep you needed! 💤💤💤
    PS- Not sure how you keep up with your daily writing! You’re allowed an “Oops!”

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  2. Your evening was healthier than my own. After being pelted by Nerf darts by two young would-be assissins, I had four plates of corned beef and cabbage and three brownies. I moaned for an hour before I could think of sleeping.

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