Making the Most of Each Day

It is better to add life to your days than days to your life.

Rita Levi-Montalcini

On the board ledge next to my desk at school sits a perpetual calendar. Each day I flip the page and read the quote and look at the accompanying picture. Each day I try to find something to relate to either in the quote or in the picture, something to help get me through my day. The above quote was today’s offering; it gave me pause.

I believe that we all have a finite number of days here on Earth as outlined in the plan set forth for each of us by our creator. As I get older, I sometimes (not too often) think about how many days I may have in front of me. I know for sure the number is less than the days behind me, but today’s quote reminded me that the number of days is insignificant. It is what you do with your days that counts.

These past 13 months have been a huge wake-up call. Having so many people and things taken away from me threw me into an eternal case of the doldrums. I went to work, came home, ate dinner, and crashed. Every day was the same, and finding joy was difficult. Lately, I have been making a concerted effort to “add life to my days.”

Here is how it is going –

  • I have made time to read and have finished two books.
  • I weeded the front flower beds and helped my husband spread mulch (well, I supervised).
  • I had an overnight visit with my granddaughters. We made crafts, read stories, wrote stories, played “school,” played Candyland and Greedy Granny. It was exhausting and the best weekend I have had in a LONG time.
  • I am watching the Phillies games after dinner (not always pleasant though).
  • I am driving with the car windows open.
  • I am starting to plan for a couple of get-aways.
  • I am meeting friends for outdoor visits after school.
  • I ordered a new outfit for my sister’s wedding in June.

While everyone’s idea of “adding life” is different, and mine may seem mundane, these are little steps to regaining the joy that I let the pandemic steal from me. What should I do next week? Schedule a take-out night? Have a lunch date with my husband?

What are you doing to add life to your days? What suggestions do you have for me?

4 thoughts on “Making the Most of Each Day

  1. Oh, I needed to read your post today, Rita. Thank you! It is so wise, and I love the quote and your list. I am going to start one today. I am going to make time to pleasure read, plant some flowers this week, and drive with my windows open!

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  2. I love this- sadly, makes me think of my grandma who is just “existing” and not living or enjoying life in her retirement facility. I am glad you make a point to add LIFE to each day. Love it. Today I sliced, and that added life to my usual Tuesday 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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  3. As I read your piece, I thought of what Bill Clinton once said about how he had more yesterdays than tomorrows. I’m in that stage too, and I know it helps me to appreciate the little things that provide me peace and happiness to stay balanced. I think your concerted effort to add life to your days is something we all need to do even when not in a pandemic. Way to go with your list, and by the way, my sister’s getting married in June, too.

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