A Time to Rest

Rest is by no means a waste of time. ~ John Lubbock

Yesterday was my last day of the Easter break. I was off on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Monday. I had been looking forward to these five days off in a row for the longest time. Besides going to church and baking ricotta pie, Easter bread and pineapple stuffing, I scheduled a haircut for Thursday, and a massage for Friday. Easter Sunday we ate dinner at my brother and sister-in-law’s newly renovated home (another slice to write). It was lovely. I enjoyed spending time with my nephews and their significant others. My grandkids had a great time hunting for eggs. While I did enjoy all of those things, those “days off” became quiet busy.

So around rolls Monday. I had planned to go to an Aqua Fit class at 9:00 AM, but at 7:00 AM my phone binged with a message from the gym informing me that the class was canceled (oh darn). So I rolled over and went back to sleep. I eventually awoke at 8:30 when my husband got home from the gym. We had breakfast together and watched some morning TV, and I read.

Once Chuck left for work at 11:40, I thought I would go up and shower and get my day “started.” Well, I had to read just one more chapter, and then one more chapter, and then one more. I ended up sitting in the recliner for a few more hours finishing my book with a little nap in between.

I finally got out of my pajamas around 3:00! I showered and felt really great. I got so much done in the few hours I had before Chuck returned home around 6:30. I changed the sheets on my bed, did several loads of laundry, folded and put away laundry that had been hanging out in a basket for several days. I did all this while watching a Hallmark movie that I had recorded on my DVR (so much more efficient since you can fast forward through the commercials).

Giving myself permission to stay in my jammies and read gave my mental health such a boost! I felt accomplished in so many ways – finished a book, finished some laundry, finished a movie. I felt renewed. It made getting up for school this morning much easier, and that good feeling stayed with me all day. Maybe I need to “rest” more often!

9 thoughts on “A Time to Rest

  1. I am such a goal oriented person, I am afraid I wouldn’t enjoy the rest as much as you did. I wish I could relax and enjoy a day like you did! I am sure it is very rejuvenating. I need to give it a try – my goals can wait a day or two and maybe, I’ll reach them sooner because of being rested! I liked how you laid our your day for the reader!

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      1. This is so me! I started a new job about 12 weeks ago, and my boss told me last week that I am just expecting too much of myself! I am glad you were able to take it easy! I need to do the same! I enjoyed your post!

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  2. Such a wonderful kind of break – I like the kinds that have some busy days, and then also some pj days! (Which really are my favorite!) Spending a day reading, getting a few chores done, and watching a movie… that sounds divine to me!


  3. I’ve just posted about my break of such wonderful things as reading and napping, all sadly coming to an end today. I don’t know how to get by without such times, so glad you enjoyed yours.

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    1. I wasn’t able to comment on your post. Your slice is filled with such beautiful imagery. Even though I am not really a beach person, you made it sound so inviting!


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