Long Time Friends


Long friendships are like jewels, polished over time to become beautiful and enduring. ~ Celia Brayfield

Today was my turn to host book club. Seven of the ten “Chapter Chicks” were present for lunch, laughs, and a little bit of book talk.  We get together ten times a year to discuss books, but more importantly to discuss life.

We have been together for 15 years.  Over those 15 years we have each had our ups and downs, and we have always had each other.

We have experienced:

milestone birthdays –  deaths of a spouse – death of parents

birth of grandchildren – sicknesses of spouses – job loss

moves to new places – floods – fires

Wow, as I see it written here it almost sounds like the 12 plagues of Egypt!

Kidding aside, we have weathered many storms together.  We may not talk to one another between gatherings, but we are always together in spirit. It started as a book club and grew into a sisterhood.




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