Always fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose  ~ Unknown

I was struggling to choose my “one little word” for 2019. I have chosen balance, mindfulness, and declutter in the past. The more I thought about this past year, I thought about why I did certain things or made certain decisions. I read a lot about finding my “why.”

I turned 60 in the fall and have been working through a few health issues. I don’t have as much energy as I use to have, and some tasks are really difficult. However, that doesn’t mean I am throwing in the towel, on the contrary. I am reevaluating things that I do each day that are just a matter of habit. Climbing stairs is very challenging for me, so at home I don’t go up and down mindlessly. I only go up if I have a need or a reason to change floors – a purpose. That’s it. That’s my OLW for 2019 – PURPOSE.

I want to do things for a purpose. I want to find my purpose.

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